VIDEO / flydubai is ready to welcome passengers back on-board

Since the flight restrictions came into effect in March, flydubai’s experienced teams from across the airline have been making preparations for the airline’s commercial return to service. The carrier has been supporting government requests with repatriation flights and enabling the movement of essential goods across its network and beyond.

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flydubai has enabled 23,000 passengers to return home and flydubai’s all-cargo flights were also in operation, ensuring that essential items continued to flow with goods brought to Dubai and onwards. Between April and the beginning of June, flydubai transported 3,704,991kg on 657 flights to 35 destinations. In addition, the flydubai team has been focusing its efforts on the return to service. During these last few months the airline has reengineered the entire passenger journey following best practice from IATA, WHO and GCAA built upon its existing high standards.

These efforts include an extensive disinfection programme across all touchpoints throughout the customer journey.  As flydubai prepares to return to the skies passengers can be rest assured about hygiene on board as the airline has a comprehensive cleaning programme in place and disinfects its aircraft every day with manufacturer-certified cleaning products.  In the cabin, air is exchanged every two to three minutes and is sterile when it enters the cabin after passing through high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters which remove more than 99.9%+ of any particulate matter that may be present.

flydubai’s team of highly qualified and experienced engineers are working around the clock to perform the scheduled aircraft maintenance tasks to ensure all its aircraft are maintained to the highest levels of airworthiness in preparation for return to service (RTS). flydubai is working with its stakeholders at Dubai International (DXB) as well as the airports across its network and customers can have the highest confidence ahead of the return to service.

Ghaith Al Ghaith, Chief Executive Officer of flydubai, said: “we are delighted to hear this announcement by the government authorities, however we must take a moment to thank the UAE authorities for their strong leadership and continuous guidance during these unprecedented times. The steps that were taken across the UAE will enable us to return to service in a safe and measured way. Dubai, as an established centre for international aviation has always operated to the highest international standards and the combined efforts across the industry over the last few months will allow our passengers to travel once again in a safe environment. We look forward to welcoming our passengers back on board.”

flydubai will be announcing further details on its redefined customer journey and details of its flight schedule in due course.