VIDEO / Air France unveils new long-haul Business Class seat and brand video

Air France has unveiled its new long-haul Business cabin. Progressively rolled out on 12 Boeing 777-300s, it will fly for the first time in autumn 2022 from Paris to New York JFK.

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The 48 spacious seats are based on the 3 Fs: Full Flat, meaning that the seat transforms into a bed almost 2 meters long; Full Access, providing all passengers direct access to the aisle; Full Privacy, ensuring optimal privacy. A new sliding door allows each passenger to create a totally private space, out of sight from the other passengers. All Air France Business seats will be fully flat by autumn 2023, compared with 90% today.

To create a greater sense of privacy for passengers travelling together, the seats located in the centre of the cabin are now equipped with a central panel that can be lowered by pressing it down, thus creating a convivial space in which to make the most of the flight together. The seat also features a wide 17.3-inch 4K High-Definition anti-glare screen with a noise-reducing headset, a new Bluetooth connection allowing passengers to use their own headphones and several electric sockets.

The company is also installing its latest Premium Economy (48 seats) and Economy (273 seats) seats on board these aircraft for optimum comfort. Each cabin is elegantly decorated in the brand’s signature colours: navy blue, white for light and contrast, and hints of red. Named “Fontainebleau”, the first aircraft equipped with these new cabins and a WiFi connection will fly to New York-JFK this autumn.

Premium Economy and Economy

In the Premium Economy cabin, Air France is introducing its latest recliner-type seat model already available on its Airbus A350, while further improving its comfort. Each seat offers 96 cm legroom. The seat cushions have been redesigned and the navy blue herringbone fabric adds further softness. The seat back reclines to 124 degrees and has been widened to provide greater privacy. A new noise-reducing audio headset is integrated into the seat and is easy to use at any time during the flight. The seat also features USB A and C ports.

In the Economy cabin, the  seats also meet the highest standards of comfort on the market. Each seat has a wide 43 cm seat pan, a 119 degree recline and 79 cm of legroom. The backrest is ergonomically designed, offering reinforced lateral support. It is also equipped with a USB A port. The seats in these two cabins are equipped with a wide 13.3-inch 4K High-Definition screen with Bluetooth connection, ideal for enjoying over 1,000 hours of on-demand entertainment.

NEW CABIN / Air France has unveiled its new long-haul Business cabin. Progressively rolled out on 12 Boeing 777-300s, it…

Posted by Aeronews on Wednesday, May 11, 2022