APG Day 2022 – Let’s reconnect!

By 27-05-2022 June 1st, 2022 No Comments

APG Network, the world’s leading network of airline representatives, has celebrated APG Day on Friday, May 27th, all around the world. This year’s theme is: Let’s reconnect!

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Once a year, on May 27th, which corresponds to APG Airlines’ IATA code (GP275), all APG offices in 170 countries mark the day with activities for charitable causes, events with local travel agents and many other activities linked to the unique theme for that year.

“APG DAY is an idea that we developed some years ago to stop the world for a day on APG time. Our added value for 30 years is our global network made up of all our offices in 170 countries, which join together on APG Day to celebrate our annual theme. After 2 years of challenging times, our global network is back in business, stronger than ever”, says Sandrine de Saint Sauveur, CEO and President APG INC.