You asked, we listened: Aeronews Global Jobs launching soon to help you land your dream job in aviation

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With increased travel demand after the end of the pandemic, many airlines are looking to hire pilots, cabin crew and ground personnel. We’ve surveyed some of the world’s biggest airlines for a better perspective on how big the current need for pilots and cabin crew is, and to help you have a clearer picture on the hiring process. To help you land your dream job with an airline as a pilot, cabin crew or ground ops, we’re also announcing the launch of Aeronews Global Jobs.

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A few weeks ago we got in touch with some of the world’s leading airlines and asked them the below questions. We’ve also contacted other airlines, but they haven’t replied until this article was published (we’ll update this article if they will reply).

1. Currently, how big is your need for pilots and cabin crew?
2. Specifically, how does the recruitment process take place? Do you collaborate with a specialized agency or do you recruit directly through announcements on the company website / social media / open days?
3. How long does the recruitment process take?
4. Are there any downsides to the recruitment process or any aspects that can be improved? If so, which one(s)?
5. Relative to the salary offered, what are the costs involved in this process?
6. Is there a need for a different approach on the recruitment market than the one already existing in order to deal with the increased demand for pilot / cabin crew / ground services jobs?

Here’s what the airlines had to say.

Air New Zealand

1. Our teams have been busy recruiting for more incredible cabin crew to join our whanau (family) over the past year and we have recently met our headcount requirements for cabin crew since our operational ramp up. For our pilots, we are also on track and are still holding regular monthly intakes for our Turboprop fleet, taking intakes of up to 12 per month in our First Officer ranks.

2. All our operational recruitment is completed in-house with an internal recruitment team who specialise in volume recruitment. We use our careers site and run attraction campaigns as required through job boards, social media and other avenues. We also partner with training organisations and various groups to showcase opportunities at Air New Zealand. For more information and to check out our careers page visit: Search jobs – Air New Zealand Careers.

For flight crew, applications are completed online via our careers site, applicants shortlisted are required to attend assessment centres in New Zealand then complete pre-employment checks prior to an offer to attend training.

3. Anywhere between 6-12 weeks, for pilots the recruitment process can take as long as 6-12 months due to their availability and notice periods.

4. We run a thorough process guided by our safety and training standards and are always looking at various ways to continuously improve our processes.

5. We can’t go into this information as it is commercially sensitive

6. We always review our approach to ensure that we are in line with market and tweak our processes accordingly to achieve our requirements.

LOT Polish Airlines

We execute a recruitment processes according to a demand. Recruitment for pilots and cabin crew is carried out adequately by LOT Crew and LOT Cabin Crew copartnerships. In both cases, the job interviews are conducted with selected individuals who have sent their resumes.

Pilots’ practical skills are tested on a flight simulator. Pilot candidates must also pass psychological tests. A short recruitment task is sent to selected candidates seeking to become cabin crew members. The next stage is an interview. During the recruitment day, candidates are given a group task to perform and pass an English language test. The final stage is an individual interview.

Recruitment processes last from one to several days. We are certainly convinced that both processes are planned optimally and provide the required knowledge about the candidates. If something needs to be improved or enhanced, we make the appropriate changes. The cost of the recruitment process is a trade secret of the company and we do not provide information about it.


1. Currently, airBaltic has open positions for 200 Cabin Crew, 32 Senior First Officers and 32 First Officers. As the company keeps growing, the demand is persistent.

2. airBaltic is actively using the company’s Career page, social media and recruitment events such as Open Days for recruiting. Also, we are considering the collaboration with external agencies for pilots recruitment. Additionally, our own professional and strong recruitment team to source the candidates effectively is in place.

Regarding Cabin Crew, special Open Days-type group recruitment event are held twice per week. After application process, suitable candidates receive a link and can join it online from everywhere. To pass the selection, candidates need to be able to work in EU, present themselves, be client-oriented, know English language and be able to pass medical check. However, for pilots the selection process is a bit longer and consists of different stages, including cognitive abilities testing, personality assessment, SIM assessment and management interview.

3. For Cabin Crew, it’s one stage and the decision process takes one working day. For pilots it depends on their availability to participate in recruitment stages which all take place on-site at airBaltic Headquarters in Riga. If a candidate is immediately available, the process should not take more than 2 weeks.

4. We have revised our recruitment procedure for pilots and Cabin Crew positions recently. The structure and length were improved, also the selection methods and tools were upgraded to ensure that candidates meet all the necessary requirements. We are still working on the feedback provision for those who didn’t pass the selection. Some stages of the process contain sensitive information and we are still considering the way how the correct feedback could be provided.

5. Specific financial information cannot be revealed, yet in 2022 the average costs per hire were in a range of EUR 300 – 500.

6. We can suggest the actions airBaltic is taking already to deal with the high demand in these jobs:
a.   Proactive talent sourcing: actively seeking out potential candidates through various channels such as job fairs, industry events, online platforms, and professional networks;
b.   Collaborations and partnerships with aviation training institutes, universities or establishing your own training center as airBaltic did with Pilot Academy and Cabin Crew training program;
c.   Targeted marketing and employer branding: focus on targeted marketing campaigns that highlight the unique benefits and opportunities associated with the jobs mentioned above.

All Nippon Airways

1. ANA continued to hire pilots during COVID, and for cabin attendants, it has been 4 years since the last hiring (no hiring for FY2021,FY2022 and FY2023), and about 430 new graduates are scheduled to be hired for FY2024. We are also planning for the career hires for cabin attendants.

2. Recruitment entries are made through ANA website and we also announce them on SNS (Social Network Sites). For cabin attendants, after applying through the website, applicants proceed through application screening, online interview, in-person interview, and medical examination. Pilots are first required to take an aptitude test called FCAT, and those who pass the test are invited to apply and have interview and skill aptitude test.

3. Cabin attendants generally take about 3 months from the application deadline, and pilots generally take about 4-5 months including the FCAT examination, which may take longer depending on the schedule of the FCAT.

4. We do not see any particular issues.

5. No answer

6. Since some people may have a slightly negative image of the airline industry due to the impact of COVID, we believe it is necessary to focus on providing information which makes people feel closer and familiar with the airline industry as well as our company through SNS and other communications.

British Airways

We are currently recruiting for pilots and cabin crew as a part of our usual recruitment cycle – and all opportunities are advertised at

You can see more about both job opportunities at the following pages:

Cabin Crew:


1. With the huge surge in travel demand over the past year, we have made solid investments in our network, products and services to ensure we provide exceptional customer experiences. We have restarted services to 6 destinations and increased frequencies to 62 cities. We currently serve 143 destinations, including Dubai, across 6 continents and 85 countries. We will be taking delivery of our new Airbus A350s mid-2024 and the Boeing 777Xs from 2025.

We are recruiting globally for the best minds and talent – from pilots and cabin crew to IT specialists and roles across the Emirates Group – to support our fleet growth and our network expansion now and in the coming years.

2. Roles we are recruiting for are posted on and managed directly by our Recruitment team. We also reach out to candidates through social media.

As the world’s largest international airline, we are proud of the diversity of our cabin crew who represent over 140 nationalities, speak 129 languages and deliver our signature services with excellence and empathy. Our recruitment team travels around the world in search of talented individuals to join the team. To achieve this, we schedule open days and invite-only events spanning 6 continents, covering hundreds of cities, all year round, in search of the brightest talent to offer our customers an unmatched onboard experience. In a few countries, we have dedicated recruitment agencies who manage the end-to-end recruitment process.

During cabin crew open days, candidates are selected on the basis of assessments and a final interview. After completing medical formalities, successful candidates are flown to Dubai from their nearest Emirates destination, to commence an 8 week training course, covering a 7-step cabin crew training programme.

To recruit pilots, we engage with them during our international roadshows and virtual information sessions. For example, we successfully completed pilot roadshows in Singapore and Hong Kong in March and April, and hosted a virtual information session in May.

The selection process for pilots is held in two stages. Stage one is remote and includes a short HireVue video interview, assessments including psychometrics and abstract reasoning, and a live digital panel interview. Stage two is held in Dubai over a two-day period and with simulator assessments, advanced compass, and an Emirates medical assessment. Emirates provides candidates and their legal spouse with return flight tickets.

Interested pilot and cabin crew applicants can apply through the Emirates Group Careers website, where they can find dates and locations for open days. For cabin crew invite-only days, shortlisted candidates are contacted directly to attend the event.

3. Our cabin crew recruitment events are carefully designed to be completed within a day, and include all stages of the selection process. Candidates are contacted within 48 hours of the assessment.

The timeframe for the pilot recruitment process varies as it is subject to various factors, including online assessments, interviews, the candidate’s availability for assessments in Dubai, and the completion of medical clearances.

4. Across the board, we review and evaluate our recruitment processes regularly based on feedback from candidates, employees and industry best practices. We identify and enhance our processes based on this feedback.

In the last financial year, despite tough labour market conditions globally, as the Emirates Group, we recruited, on-boarded and trained at an unprecedented rate across 38 countries, welcoming 17,160 people in various roles, and by 31 March we employed over 100,000 colleagues globally.

Achieving these high recruitment volumes was only possible by innovating our recruitment processes, leveraging technology and finding new ways to connect with prospective employees through social media and Microsoft Teams.

In October, HireVue recognised our Talent Acquisition team with the Impact Star Award for effectively implementing their technology to screen candidates at scale. By year-end, we began to leverage HireVue’s AI capability to transform the recruitment of large volumes of customer service roles. The AI module shortlists high-quality candidates, through interactive games and structured interviews, resulting in an exceptional success rate and shorter turnaround times.

5. Emirates has built an extraordinary reputation as an employer of choice and as a trailblazing force in aviation. People aspire to be part of the airline’s growth story and its ambitions. We receive hundreds of thousands of applications globally for roles across the organisation. We use technology, such as HireVue, and systems that help our teams shortlist and select candidates in a time-sensitive and effective manner, keeping costs down. Our focus is not on costs, but on recruiting the best talent, the brightest minds, and those most fit for the various roles in our organisation to support and drive our future growth and expansion.

6. Conscious of the need to inspire future generations as part of its leadership role in the aviation industry, the Emirates Group continued to invest in training, education, and upskilling – creating a robust pipeline of aviation professionals at all levels.

Last year, the Emirates Aviation University ushered 474 graduates in a range of aviation studies into the workforce. The Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA) graduated 53 pilots – all recruited by the airline as part of its growth strategy. More than 100 cadets have successfully graduated from EFTA since 2020, creating a strong pilot recruitment pipeline for Emirates and the industry.

Emirates Aviation University stands as the premier educational institution in the Middle East, specializing in aeronautical engineering, aviation management, business management, and aviation safety and security studies. These disciplines are integrated within the Emirates Group, equipping graduates with the essential skills to contribute effectively to the Group’s diverse business operations.

At our state-of-the-art training colleges, we provide our cabin crew and pilots with comprehensive training to excel in their roles and meet the highest standards of performance. Our cutting-edge facilities ensure that our team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil their responsibilities with utmost proficiency.

We have robust recruitment strategies to attract UAE nationals to aviation and the Emirates Group. We regularly engage with schools and Universities by participating in open days and career fairs. To introduce youth to careers in aviation, last year we provided internships to over 100 UAE Nationals students; recruited high-school graduates by offering multiple scholarship programmes to complete their undergraduate degrees and special licenses; and recruited graduates through specialised training programmes.


To support the Dubai-based carrier’s growth, flydubai embarked on its biggest recruitment drive in 2022 where 1,300 employees joined the carrier’s workforce; 80% of whom were pilots, cabin crew or engineers.

This was achieved through meticulous forward planning and was aided by the desire of top talent to relocate to Dubai and the UAE as well as their confidence in the carrier for its decision to preserve employment during challenging times.

In 2023, flydubai has grown its fleet to 78 aircraft serving a growing network of 120 destinations. 15 more aircraft are expected to join the growing fleet by the end of the year.

flydubai has welcomed 320 new employees to its workforce since the start of the year and is on track to recruit additional 800 talented individuals for various positions across the business by end the end of 2023. This includes pilots, cabin crew, engineers and office-based employees.

The total number of employees is 4,918 representing more than 136 nationalities. Female colleagues make up 36 percent of the flydubai workforce. flydubai currently has more than 1,000 pilots in its workforce and is expected to welcome an additional 100 pilots before the end of 2023.

Depending on the vacant positions, interviews are conducted in the UAE, online or in-person on recruitment days outside the UAE.

The flydubai Careers homepage outlines the requirements for various vacancies, including Pilots, Cabin Crew and Engineering and Maintenance. The recruitment process may vary depending on the position and might take three to four weeks from assessments to conclusion of the process, however the joining date is subject to multiple factors including completing the training requirement.


1. In the recruitment for this spring we were looking to recruit 80-150 pilots, the final number depending on the resources needed for the upcoming seasons.

We currently have enough cabin crew for the upcoming summer. For the winter season, we are recruiting more cabin crew to Korea. We are also planning the 2024 summer season, and at the moment it seems that there is a substantial need for new cabin crew. The exact need depends on traffic plan finalisations and will be confirmed later.

2. In the pilot recruitment, we do not have an external partner. We announced the recruitment in our usual channels, such as our website and for example LinkedIn. We also posted in channels, that many Finnish pilots follow.

We announce our openings on our website at and on Finnair’s social media channels. Applicants send us their applications and those that fill our basic requirements, progress to the next phase of recruitment which is online aptitude assessment. After that, they continue with video tests, and finally, those applicants passing all the phases, progress to the personal interviews. When using a partner, advertising takes place mostly on our partner’s channels.

3. The initial application period has ended now and we will go through the applications and invite people for interviews. The process will be such, that hirings are made in batches. First decisions are made by the end of May and the first group of pilots will start their Finnair training during summer. Depending on the final number of pilots, the timeline is anywhere up to a few months – not including time for training before the pilots start.

Based on resource planning, we know the need for cabin crew and the actual recruitment process can start. Since we recruit cabin crew not only for Helsinki base but for several bases in Asia, the process is adapted to the practices of the country, and we also use partners for recruitment.

4. This is the first recruitment for pilots we have done after the pandemic and we are currently building a new process for this. Altogether we are looking for an agile process benefitting both the applicants and Finnair. Currently, it is too early to review the entire process.

Currently we have not yet opened cabin crew recruitment for Finnair, and all recruiting has been done by our partners. It remains to be seen how we can improve the process in the future.

5. There is no training fee for students participating in Finnair cabin crew basic training. All the needed document costs such as medical attestation fees and passport and visa cost are covered by the employer. Also, the vaccinations and uniform are provided without cost to our flying crews.

6. As the pandemic started, the cabin crew members that had already been selected were not able to start their dream job as cabin crew. Now that we need more crew, we have been able to contact them and offer them this career path again. There has always been lots of interest in Finnair’s cabin crew work, and the same trend can still be seen, which we are of course very happy about.

Finnair’s pilot recruitment is targeting a fairly small group of trained pilots, who are also fluent in Finnish. For this group there there is less need for developing the approach. This said, we are always looking for ways to develop our applicant experience and strive to do this also in the future.

Japan Airlines

1. Based on future business plans, the Company will be hiring within FY24, approximately 50 cadets to be enrolled in the ab-initio training, program, and a certain number of Commercial Pilot License holders as well. In addition, recognizing that a large number of a certain generation are expected to retire in the 2030s, the Company is planning to hire pilots continuously.

Recruitment at overseas bases: There are currently no openings except for the Singapore base, and approximately 10 people are expected to be hired (interviews will be held in late April/early May). Recruitment at other bases is under consideration.

Recruitment in Japan: Approximately 350 new graduates are expected to be hired in fiscal year 2024.

2. Main announcement is made through JAL website and social media. (Japanese only)

Please check the recruitment website for the timing of recruitment activities, as it differs for each recruitment selection. For those cadets trained in-house, they are hired annually through interviews and aptitude tests.

We also offer internships to deepen students’ understanding of pilot operations and the airline industry. For those Commercial Pilot License holders, we regularly recruit from various pilot training institutions such as private universities’ aviation department, the Civil Aviation College and private pilot training schools.

Recruitment at overseas bases: We will consider the most appropriate method depending on the number of recruits once we decide to “resume recruitment”. (JAL web site was used for Singapore recruitment.)

Recruitment in Japan: Recruitment is being conducted through our recruitment website.

3. It varies depending on the situation, but the standard is about 2 to 3 months.

4. Nothing in particular.

5. Differs depending on the type of occupation, countries, etc.

6. We will continue to consider new approaches depending on the target of recruitment.

Lufthansa Group

The Lufthansa Group continues to look for new employees. Therefore, the second Germany-wide recruitment campaign “flybig” started on Monday, June 5th. The campaign can be seen and heard in print, radio and online media as well as on all social media channels.

The company plans to fill a total of 8,000 vacancies by the end of the year. The company is primarily looking for specialists such as technicians, IT specialists, pilots and lawyers at its locations in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Brussels, as well as at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg and at the locations of the Eurowings Group. Since the beginning of the year, more than 6,000 new employees have already been hired in the Lufthansa Group.

Interested parties can find job offers and further information on the Recruiting Days at The Lufthansa Group also offers young people prospects in a wide range of apprenticeships and dual study programs.


As it moves from recovery to growth, the Qantas Group expects to create over 8,500 new high skill jobs in Australian aviation over the next decade.

These additional roles based around the country include pilots, engineers, cabin crew and airport staff, and are driven by investments in new aircraft and increased flying to meet long-term demand through Qantas, Jetstar, QantasLink and Qantas Freight.

The 8,500 new Australia-based operational positions the Qantas Group will create over the next decade include: 4500 cabin crew, 1600 pilots, 800 engineers, 1600 other roles.


1. Ryanair is the only airline growing meaningfully in Europe. Through our order of 300 new, fuel efficient, Boeing 737 MAX-10 aircraft, which offer 21% more seats, burn 20% less fuel and are 50% quieter, we have created more than 10,000 new high-paid jobs for pilots, cabin crew and engineers, to facilitate disciplined traffic growth of 80% from 168m in year end March 2023 to 300m p.a. by March 2034.

2. Potential candidates are requested to upload their CV through our platform and if they meet all initial requirements they are invited for a live / online interview. After that, initial assessment is made whether candidate meets all requirements and if yes, they are invited to our training programs. All job offers for experienced pilots are available on our webpage. When it comes to cadets, minimum requirements are available in this section of our webpage. We frequently organize open days across Europe which we promote on our social media.

3. The initial recruitment takes around month. Cadet training takes up to 6 months.

4. Our process is designed in a way that allows us to select and train the best candidates, turning them into world-class pilots and cabin crew members. With clear career path and benefits we are and aim to remain no.1 choice of employment for pilots.

5. We offer outstanding salaries for all our pilots and cabin crews in the whole industry. On top of salary, we offer additional benefits which are listed on our website.

6. The recruitment process is very structured and developed to ensure we find best candidates and give them best training. Currently we are looking at potential candidates beyond Europe and we believe this is the direction we will be exploring in upcoming years to ensure we meet our growing demand for pilots and cabin crews.

United Airlines

1. Pilots: Last year we added more than 2,400 pilots – that was our highest pilot hiring year ever – 85% more than 2021. This year, we’ll add about that same number – in fact, we already added more than 1,000 pilots and are well on track to add 10,000 pilots this decade.

Flight Attendants: So far this year we’ve received over 19,000 applications for the more than 4,000 flight attendant roles that we need to fill – and will most certainly exceed the 30,000 applications we received last year.

2. Pilots: Interested and qualified candidates must submit their applications with all applicable information –  licenses, hours flown, training history, etc. – to our dedicated pilot hiring website ( Competitive applicants will receive an invitation to complete an online assessment. Once the assessment is completed, the candidate is invited to an in-person interview at our Flight Training Center in Denver, CO. If successful, the candidate will be offered a Conditional Job Offer, complete onboarding and receive an invitation to join a training class.

Flight Attendants: Most of our recruiting is done organically through our United Careers site where we post the flight attendant position periodically throughout the year. Flight attendant applicants who pass our pre-screening requirements are required to pass an online assessment. Then, candidates complete several interview steps including an on-demand virtual interview, live virtual interview, and in-person immersive experience. Successful candidates will receive a Conditional Training Offer and are required to complete a 6.5-week flight attendant training program before being hired.

3. Pilots: The recruitment process for a First Officer candidate varies depending on the qualifications of the applicant. From application to join a training class, the average is 6 – 8 months.

Flight Attendants: The recruiting process for flight attendants can vary as well. From the when the applicant submits an application to training graduation, it takes around 4 – 5 months.

4. We are continuously looking at ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment and hiring process.

5. No answer.

6. In recent years, we’ve evolved our recruiting processes to respond to the market conditions for pilots, flight attendants and all roles at United. The Aviate program and the United Aviate Academy are good examples of innovative ways that the airline is engaging pilots earlier in their careers to get them on a path to the United flight deck.

For flight attendants, we have hosted a series of career fairs around the country to meet candidates where they are and showcase the opportunity that comes with being a flight attendant at the world’s largest airline.

Earlier this month we hosted over 3,500 people at a career fair in Houston for flight attendant roles. We’re fortunate in that many people are looking to join our world-class team. Across the board, we’re doing more to publicize our open roles and get people to consider a career at United.

Wizz Air

1. As we continue to expand our route network in Europe and beyond, with the aim of becoming an airline with 500 aircraft by 2030, we are always looking for candidates for flight and cabin crew.

2. For flight attendants, the recruitment process takes one day. The process consists of a company presentation, a short personal introduction of the candidate, a situational role play and a team role play. If a candidate attends the event and successfully completes the process, they will be contacted by our team within three days. Candidates so selected can be assigned immediately to take part in the cabin crew training session, which can start in 10 days at the earliest. From the moment of the actual application to the start of training, the process can take approximately two to four weeks.

For pilots, the recruitment process takes two days. The process consists of a company presentation, documentation check, a technical test for pilots, a group exercise, a technical interview, a personal HR interview, a simulator assessment and a psychometric test. We are open to many places for pilot recruitment to be more accessible to candidates. Most events take place at our bases in Budapest, Abu Dhabi and London Gatwick – but we also recruit in cities such as Rome, Cape Town, Johannesburg, visiting Brazil last year to attract more pilots. In the past, open days for pilots also took place in Bucharest.

3. While we work with recruitment agencies, all candidates are assessed against the same rigorous standards and criteria. Candidates, regardless of how they enter the recruitment process, are not given any exceptions or priorities.

To ensure optimal candidate accessibility and to reach a wide range of potential candidates, we offer several employment channels (such as recruitment portals, social networks, etc.) that direct any candidate to the careers website at Wizz Air: This allows candidates to access and explore available opportunities within our company. By using these diverse avenues of recruitment, we aim to give equal opportunities to all candidates and facilitate a fair and inclusive hiring process.

4. In order to find the most suitable candidates, we take steps to intensify our marketing efforts, establish links with local organizations and conduct thorough analysis to gain information about the local market. In pursuit of excellence, we conduct ongoing market research to identify best practices and consequently improve our recruitment processes.

5. We make every effort to ensure that the cost perspective is carefully considered, aligning it with the principles of the Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) model, while providing a positive and enjoyable experience for our candidates.

6. Our main objective is to maximize the awareness of a wide range of potential candidates. We want to connect with candidates who have a genuine interest in an aviation job. In addition, we present candidates with opportunities and benefits offered by Wizz Air, which are tailored to their needs and expectations. For example, pilots joining Wizz Air will have the chance to operate our sustainable and growing fleet of state-of-the-art Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft.

Cabin crew members can also expect competitive salaries within one of Europe’s fastest growing and greenest airlines, industry leading training, a salary offer during the initial training period, free uniform , unlimited tickets for employees and a number of discounted tickets for friends and family. Both cabin crew and flight crew will work in a friendly and multicultural environment, with access to a variety of exciting career progression opportunities within Wizz Air.

Aeronews Global Jobs, launching mid-July

Since the end of the pandemic we’ve received hundreds of messages from you asking us about the hiring process for various airlines and details on various job openings, both in the air and on the ground. Your numerous messages and interest shown towards this subject were the starting point in writing this article, but also the reason behind our decision to launch Aeronews Global Jobs.

We have an impressive follower base in social media – almost 1 million aviation enthusiasts combined across our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok channels – and a monthly organic reach (not paid) between 25-30 million people.

Without revealing too many details now, Aeronews Global Jobs will act as a link between those who want to have a career in aviation – as pilots, cabin crew or ground ops – and the recruiters. We want to help both the candidates in getting their CV to the right people – thus increasing the chances of getting hired – and the recruiters to fill in their vacancies with the right people, in due time.

Aeronews Global Jobs will do just that. Watch this space!