VIDEO / First flight for Boeing’s third 777X

On Monday, August 3rd, Boeing’s third 777X airframe (WH003, N779XY) took off from Paine Field at 13:55 local time. Boeing said that WH003 would test propulsion performance.

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After 2 hours and 45 minutes in the air, N779XY went to Moses Lake to do some touch & gos, then landed at Boeing Field. Once the testing phase has been completed, WH003 and WH004 (N779XZ, the next 777X to fly) will be delivered to Lufthansa in 2022.

As a reminder, Boeing’s first 777X (WH001, N779XW) performed its first flight on January 25th (video), while the second one (WH002, N779XX) took off on its maiden flight on April 30th (video). With first delivery to an airline delayed to 2022, Boeing’s 777X will be certified as part of the 777 family.

The 3rd 777X (N779XY) took flight today. This frame will also be used for test flights.

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Today Boeing celebrates another milestone with the companies flagship aircraft, the 777-9X. At 13:55 local time BOE003…

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