VIDEO / First flight for Boeing’s second 777X (N779XX)

WH002 took off shortly after 11:00 AM Seattle time heading for Spokane. It was joined, up in the air, by the first 777X (WH001, N779XW).

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Captain Ted Grady, 777X project pilot, and Captain Van Chaney, 777/777X chief pilot, flew for 2 hours and 58 minutes over Washington state before landing at Boeing Field at 2:02 PM Pacific. WH002 is the second of 4 in a dedicated flight test fleet and will test handling characteristics and other aspects of airplane performance. An array of equipment, sensors and monitoring devices throughout the cabin allows the onboard team to document and evaluate the airplane’s response to test conditions in real time.

Certification of Boeing’s newest widebody as part of the 777 family, under an amended type certificate, is expected in 2021. As a reminder, Boeing’s first 777X (WH001, N779XW) performed its first flight on January 25th (video) after bad weather postponed the previous two attempts. By the end of Q2, four Boeing 777Xs should be in the air (WH001, WH002, WH003, WH004), performing test flights during the certification campaign. Main photo: Daniel Gorun Full Throttle Photos.