VIDEO / Crosswind landings at London Heathrow during Storm Dennis

Two spectacular crosswind landings were caught on camera on Saturday, February 15th, as Heathrow airport was swept by Storm Dennis: an A380 Etihad Airways and an Airbus A330F Qatar Airways Cargo. Enjoy!


Risky but beautiful landing

Publicată de Speedbird TV pe Sâmbătă, 15 februarie 2020

Qatar Cargo windsheer

Qatar Airways A330F, QR8291, A7-AFH hit a huge gust of wind just after landing on 27L at Heathrow airport this evening, winds were blowing 38 knots roughly 40mph diagonally across the airports 2 runways causing havoc for pilots.massive well done to the flight deck of this aircraft

Publicată de Airside Sam pe Sâmbătă, 15 februarie 2020