VIDEO / British Airways a receptionat primul Airbus A350-1000

Avionul a ajuns sambata la Londra si va intra in serviciul comercial pe 5 august, spre Madrid. BA a comandat 18 A350-1000, iar pana la sfarsitul anului va primi inca 3.

G-XWBA marcheaza debutul noii clase Business (Club Suite, 56 de locuri, layout 1-2-1), a noii cabine Premium Economy (56 de locuri) si a noului Economy Class (219 locuri). Dupa Madrid, A350-1000 BA va zbura spre Dubai incepand din 1 septembrie si spre Toronto, din 1 octombrie.

Pana la sfarsitul anului, avionul va ajunge si la Tel Aviv, urmand sa zboare si spre Bangalore din ianuarie 2020. Pana in iulie, Airbus primise 893 de comenzi ferme pentru A350 XWB din partea a 51 de clienti.

First A350-1000 British Airways (G-XWBA) at LHR

HEAD ON with G-XWBA, British Airways' first Airbus #A350-1000.Video: #BA100 #speedbird #flyBA #a350xwbPhotos:

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British Airways – Celebrating our A350

Yesterday we couldn't have been more proud to reveal our A350-1000, the most modern aircraft in the sky, and the first in our fleet to feature the new Club Suite. Thank you to everyone across British Airways who has played a part in bringing this stunning aircraft to our customers!

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INFOGRAPHIC / On-board British Airways' first Airbus #A350-1000 (G-XWBA), which has arrived in #London on Saturday. ???? or…

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MORE SHOTS / British Airways’ first #A350-1000 (G-XWBA). The airline has 18 on order. First revenue flight: August 5th…

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Check the very first Airbus 350-1000 for British Airways. Amazing job with at Heathrow Airport. FULL ARTICLE:

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