VIDEO / Accident: Fokker 100 Bek Air, flight Z92100

On December 27th at 7:22 AM local time, a Fokker 100 (UP-F1007, built in 1996) crashed shortly after take-off from Almaty’s runway 05R, flight Z9-2100 to Nur-Sultan. There were 93 passengers + 5 crew on-board.

Initial reports say the aircraft lost height after take-off, impacted the ground, crashing into a fence and a two-storey building. No fire broke out, but the Fokker 100 was split into several pieces. 12 fatalities confirmed, 12 people remain in hospital care, and 74 people survived with no or minor injuries. An investigation is on-going to establish the cause of the crash.

The Fokker 100 (UP-F1007) entered service in April 1996 and its airworthiness certificate was last renewed in May 2019. The captain – who died following the impact on the ground – was 58 years old, the first officer 54 years, both pilots held ATPLs. After the crash, Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Authority has suspended Bek Air’s AOC (Air Operator Certificate).

Almaty Airport published on Facebook a list with the names of 60 survivors, who were distributed amongst several hospitals in Almaty. Kazakhstan’s President sent condolences to the families and relatives of those killed in the crash. Main photo: video capture.

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