LOT Polish Airlines CEO: With a good offer from Airbus, we could buy A220 and A350

Speaking at the Air Market Congress aviation conference which took place in Warsaw today, Rafał Milczarski, LOT Polish Airlines’ CEO, said he would buy Airbus A220 and A350 aircraft if the offer was right. By mid-October, LOT will announce a new route to the USA.

“I encourage Airbus to take LOT seriously as its potential client. We have no prejudices and we will simply choose the best offer”, he emphasized during the Air Market Congress event. “We run a fleet project. We compare, among others, Boeing 787 Dreamliner with Airbus A350-900 and -1000. Similar considerations apply to smaller aircraft, where Embraer and Airbus are competitors. We will make our decisions focused and calm. Our choice will weigh on the LOT fleet for the next decades”, LOT’s CEO noted.

Milczarski also said that by mid-October, LOT Polish Airlines will announce a new route to the United States (some sources say it might be Washington DC). Speaking about the 737 MAX, LOT’s CEO stated: “We will demand compensation from Boeing for MAX grounding. We don’t give any details yet, but when they return to service, it will be time to summarize the costs.” via Rynek Lotniczy

THIS IS how an Airbus A350 would look like in LOT Polish Airlines livery. Renderings received from Jakub Zdan….

Publicată de Aeronews pe Luni, 16 septembrie 2019

AIRBUS for LOT? Rafał Milczarski, LOT Polish Airlines CEO, stated during an aviation conference held in Warsaw today:…

Publicată de Aeronews pe Luni, 16 septembrie 2019

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