KLM reveals new Airbus A321neo livery


KLM will take delivery of its new Airbus A321neo in just a few more months, with Copenhagen, Berlin and Stockholm announced as initial destinations. The airline will commence operating the first of a total of around 30 A321neos in August.

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The new livery is both eye-catching and practical: the dark line separating KLM’s trademark blue and white swoops farther down, rendering the nose dome completely blue. This will ensure that, in the event of an emergency replacement, a new nose dome can be fitted without disrupting the signature blue markings. Another new standout feature is the black outline around the cockpit windows, making them look like sunglasses.

Marjan Rintel, CEO KLM, stated: “The arrival of the A321neo marks a major upgrade of our European fleet. It is 50% quieter and generates 15% fewer carbon emissions than the aircraft it is replacing, making this an important step towards cleaner, quieter and more fuel-efficient aviation.”

Preparations for the introduction of the new aircraft are in full swing. Passengers will experience a greater level of comfort thanks to the A321neo’s wider seats, larger tray tables and spacious luggage bins. Each seat is equipped with a tablet holder and a USB port, and there is multi-coloured “mood lighting” that adjusts at every stage of the flight.

Crew members will also have more room for movement thanks to the wider aisle and easy-to-reach overhead bins. The A321neo interior was meticulously designed to enhance the KLM experience, with additional blue detailing and special lighting at the entrance to ensure a warm welcome.