9 years of Aeronews, reaffirming our support for the aviation industry

This weekend, Aeronews – a project launched on April 4th 2011 – celebrated its 9th anniversary. Given the current climate and the on-going pandemic, we postponed the party for next year as we continue to bring you the latest and most relevant news from the aviation industry.

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Founded by Mihai Ivascu and Teodor Stefan, Aeronews started as an aviation project focused on the Romanian market. By constantly delivering the latest news, inside info related to airlines and airports, trip reports, product reviews and interviews with key-people from the industry from the world’s most important airshows, as well as eye-catching photos and videos – many of which went viral – Aeronews steadily expanded its reach, taking over Central and Eastern Europe in just a few years.

In November 2019, following multiple requests we’ve received from fans who were following us from all over the world, we’ve switched the content language from Romanian to English and we’ve also rebranded to Aeronews Global. Thus, what started as became Present on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Aeronews has continued its organic growth. Last month, we had a combined global reach (organic) of over 25 million people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with more and more aviation enthusiasts following us daily on all these platforms.

Commenting on Aeronews’ 9th anniversary, Mihai Ivascu stated: “Our journey has been amazing so far and we won’t stop here. We’ll continue to bring you the newest and most relevant info from the industry. In this trying times for the entire aviation sector, strongly hit by the coronavirus pandemic, we’re reaffirming our support for all the pilots, cabin crew, airport employees, suppliers, ground handlers and everyone else connected, in a certain way, to aviation. Stay strong and stay safe!”

Teodor Stefan added: “Indeed, we had 9 extraordinary years, full of memorable experiences and cool people we’ve met along the way. Today we’re announcing that Aeronews will publish on its social media channels any announcement (photos / videos) from companies which fight against Covid-19 such as medical supplies flights, special transports, etc. Only together we can overcome this pandemic and get to the point where aviation bounces back. Stay safe, everyone!”

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